Monday, November 5, 2012

portfolio building day: wardrobe stylist

Hi lovelies!

We're back with more Portfolio Building Day Reveals! Next up we have the fabulous Melanie from Head Over Heels with Melanie.

Melanie is a bridal + bridal party stylist and she, my friends, is a girl after my own heart. 

Case(s) in point:

#1. Melanie and I both have a penchant for making things pretty. She dreams in clothing + accessories and I dream in furniture + decor. Together, I think we make quite the winning combination :)

#2. Melanie and I both have a thing for nautical clothing. Like, a serious thing. I own more nautical striped shirts than I know what to do with and Melanie showed up to our first meeting in a navy and white stripes. And I may or may not be wearing stripes as I write this. I told you, it's a serious thing...

#3. Melanie and I both have adorable one year old boston terrier pups! And get this...their birthdays are THREE days apart. The only real difference here is that Melanie dresses her pup, Lola, up in the cutest of costumes (she was a bride for Halloween! I mean, C'MON!) while I'm not allowed to get a costume anywhere near my pup, Remy. My husbands rules...not mine! 

But, not only are we obviously meant to be friends, she is awesome at what she does! Take a look...

And in case you're a bit unsure of what a bridal stylist is and does, here's a bit more info: 

    Melanie is a bridal and bridal party stylist who specializes in bringing that something special to your wedding     
    look. Throughout your engagement there are so many events that need an outfit to remember! Helping every 
    step of the way, from engagement photos to your bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, Melanie is with you to 
    make it all happen.  She can even help you find the most fashionable bridesmaid’s dresses out there to 
    compliment and complete your vision. Melanie loves nothing more than to help find the look that's going to 
    make you and your bridal party feel amazing.

    Originally a costume designer in Manhattan, she has proven her ability to take a vision, and turn it into a 
    fabulous reality.  She can take any budget or complicated circumstance and help a bride make her dreams 
    come true!  

    In addition to helping real life brides feel like a model, she is also known for her love of styling photo shoots.    
    She has a real passion for working with vendors and photographers to create something magical.

We can't wait to see all of the pretties that Melanie pulls for the shoot!


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  1. Can't wait to be a part of this fantastic workshop! It's going to be amazing! I love our love for nautical stripes as well! Oh... and for the record, that was the first costume Lola has ever been in. haha! She makes a beautiful bride! =) - Melanie