Friday, October 12, 2012

Portfolio Building Day

UPDATE: we've already had a number of photographers sign up (we're so excited that you guys are excited!) so if you'd like to reserve a spot, we wouldn't recommend waiting too long! Once we reach our capacity of 12 photographers we will be starting a waiting list. Thanks, everyone!


A while back, when I was co-hosting a workshop on "how to style a stunning engagement session", a photographer approached me with an interesting idea/question: "Why don't you style your furniture + props and invite a group of photographers to come photograph them?" he asked.

I paused. Thought about it for a second. And then realized this photographer was absolutely brilliant.

"I HAVE to do this!" I thought. And before I had even left that styling workshop, I was already busy planning this next project. What can I say? I don't waste time ;) 

Not only did it sound amazingly fun (styling our pieces is our absolute favorite thing to do!) but it also seemed like it would be a great opportunity for photographers to shoot our pieces at a much more affordable price.

You see, photographers are more than welcome to rent pieces from us for their photo shoots but the cost of that can add up very quickly. Take those photo shoots that you typically see published in wedding blogs, for example. Let's just say you wanted to produce a shoot of that size and set-up a dessert table, a dinner table, an escort card display and a small ceremony set-up...the photographer would be looking at thousands of dollars in rental costs! And that's not even counting the design + styling aspect of the shoot...

But how does this sound, instead? 

A full styled shoot - we're talking lots of vintage rentals, DIY installations, florals, paper goods, desserts, a signature cocktail, a model (or two!), a wardrobe stylist, and professional hair and make-up - at a gorgeous wine country venue all for wayyyy less than you would pay to rent our pieces + hire us to style the shoot. Pretty fantastic, no? 

Well guess what? It's happening! We've decided to host a "Portfolio Building Day" for 12 photographers! The shoot will take place on a weekend in mid-November up in Sonoma (more details to come next week...) We'll likely shoot from 2pm - sunset (there is going to be a ton of prettiness to capture so we want to give our photographers plenty of time!) and we will split up into two groups of 6 to keep things small and intimate.

Not only will you get to shoot a variety of vignettes chock full of gorgeousness but you'll also get to work side-by-side with our styling team so that you can get those blog-worthy detail shots. It's going to be gooood! 

And in case you're wondering if this "portfolio building day" is right for you, we have three very important requirements: 

a) you must have a camera
b) you must love ridiculously pretty things
c) you must love taking pictures of ridiculously pretty things

Think you fit the bill? Take a look at our preview flier below and if you want to reserve your spot now be sure to e-mail us at Spots are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Next week we'll be unveiling the final details of the shoot, including the venue + the fabulously talented individuals with whom we will be collaborating, so stay tuned to the blog and our facebook page for the latest details!



  1. Amanda....Brilliant! I would love to do something like this on the East Coast. It is quickly becoming popular here to do props in events and Im hoping that my little shop will be successful. I remember reaching out to you last year and you were so gracious with your advice and I appreciate it to this day. Love this idea....I wish I was on the west coast, I would pay just to come and watch you in action.

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. Seriously brilliant, Amanda! I cannot wait to hear how it went post-event. Best of luck, and have fun!
    Leslie @ Furbish Vintage, Austin TX