Friday, March 9, 2012

one true love vintage rentals + kaella lynn events

Here at OTL vintage rentals we work with a lot of DIY couples and weddings - and you know what? We love that! Couples who are brave enough to go the DIY route are creative and they know what they want! Two qualities that we love. But even if you are committed to having a hand in all of the planning and design for your big day, there still comes a point (i.e. your wedding day!) when you have to hand over the reins and let someone else be in charge.

I'm sure you're thinking "Why the lecture, Amanda? We know all of this!" Well, there's a point here, I promise!

Recently, we've had a lot of our couples ask us things like "Will you be our day-of coordinator?" and "Can you help us choose our linens, tableware and non-vintage rentals?". It seems that a few months before their big day many of our clients come to the realization that even though they are booking us for vintage rentals and prop styling - they need a bit more guidance and a lot more help on the day-of! Who is going to coordinate their rehearsal? Who will keep track of all of the vendor deliveries on the morning of their wedding? Who is going to stay through the ceremony and reception to make sure things run smoothly? Who is going to make sure all of their vendors get their tips at the end of the night, that their gifts are packed away in the car and that that everyone is in place for that sparkler exit that they've always dreamed of? As much as we LOVE to help our clients as much as possible - we're not event planners or coordinators so we won't be around to take care of those day-of details. So this got us thinking...instead of constantly saying "no, we don't handle those sorts of things" to clients, why not team up with a planner and offer our clients a package deal? Planning + vintage rentals + styling all wrapped up in a pretty little bow? Sounds pretty fabulous, no?

Well we're happy to announce that we're teaming up with the amazing Kaella of Kaella Lynn Events to bring that wonderful package deal to life!

It's the best of both worlds: you get vintage rentals from and styling and Kaella's event coordination and design expertise. Our packages will be fully customizable so whether you are just starting the planning process and want to make sure you are doing things right from the start or if you're a month away from your big day and in need of some last minute organization we'll craft a package that's just right for you. By booking both of us you will receive a lovely little discount off of our regular prices and you can rest assured that not only will your event be chock full of gorgeous OTL rentals but it will also run smoothly and be the most wonderful, stress-free day of your life!

Now does this mean if you book with One True Love Vintage Rentals for rentals and styling that you have to book Kaella Lynn Events and vice versa? Certainly not! We're not merging companies, we just want to take some of the stress out of the planning process for you!

In case you haven't had the chance to see some of Kaella's amazing work, I've got a few pictures to share with you. We will also be working together on a shoot next week so there will be lots more inspiration to come very soon!

And of course if you'd like more information about the One True Love Vintage Rentals + Kaella Lynn Events package - just shoot us an e-mail! We can't wait to work with you to make your special day as beautiful and stress-free as possible!


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  1. Congrats on your new collaboration with Kaella Lynn!