Thursday, March 22, 2012

fashion meets furniture

I find inspiration in all sorts of places: interior design magazines, window displays at my favorite stores (Hello, Anthro + Madewell!), traveling to new places...but one thing that has really been inspiring my work lately is fashion. Instead of looking at an outfit or an accessory and thinking "Wow, I want that. Now." I think "Oh man, I would LOVE to style a shoot or a wedding around that!" 

(Leave it to me to turn everything into something vintage + wedding related, right?! That's what happens when you eat, sleep, and breath weddings + vintage decor. I'm pretty sure a chemical change occurs. It's called "vintage wedding brain". But alas, I digress...)

When I stumbled across Posh Veils, a Canadian company specializing in beautiful handcrafted headpieces, my vintage wedding brain kicked in. I started to envision the girl that would wear the whimsical headbands and romantic blushers from this collection. I could see her whole wedding day take shape...from the invitations to the ceremony backdrop to the furniture choices (vintage of course!). All of this inspiration from looking at a few accessories.

So what does all of this have anything to do with planning a wedding?

It just goes to show that you don't have to start your wedding design process by flipping through wedding magazines or relying on tradition! Start with something that you love or that inspires you. For many of you, that might be something in your closet or around your home. Are you constantly wearing sequin dresses? Is your favorite pair of heels a fabulous seafoam green color? Do you treasure a vintage cameo necklace that used to belong to your grandmother? Well maybe those can be the jumping off point for your wedding design choices? Keep an open mind - inspiration really is all around you!

And for those of you who would like a little peek into how my brain you go! I see headpieces and think of vintage chairs! Now before you say "huh?" hear me out! Can't you see a bride wearing these headpieces and incorporating these chairs into their wedding day decor as a prop for portrait shots or as part of their sweetheart or head table? See, I'm not that crazy!

[posh veils photos by geminie photography]

first row: elodie chair + headband
third row: emma chair + blusher

What do you think? Is fashion inspiring your furniture and decor choices for your wedding? If so I'd love to hear about it!


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