Wednesday, February 8, 2012

one piece, three ways: shabby chic vanity

When we're out picking through old things at the flea we love to visualize how our clients will use a particular piece. We want to make sure we are constantly adding rental options that our clients will find beautiful AND useful! So to show off the versatility of our pieces we've started a new feature: "one piece, three ways". Our hope is that seeing how our rentals have been used in the past will inspire you to come up with fun, creative ways to make the pieces your own.

To kick things off we have a piece that our 2011 clients have loved:  "Genevieve" our shabby chic vanity. Here's what we love most about Genvieve:

1. We got her from a family out in Livermore where she had been a part of their family for 30+ years.
2. Her cream chippy paint provides the perfect amount of character.
3. Her mirror is removeable making for easy transport and versatility in terms of her appearance.

[ images by: 1. nicole gerulat  2. gertrude and mable  3. MEF photo ]

Isn't she pretty? How would you use this piece at your next event? Escort card display? Gift table? A ceremony backdrop? So many possibilities!


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  1. I'm so excited for this new column! What a great idea. I think it's always helpful to see pieces in different settings. This is gonna be so helpful to brides and planners. Thumbs up girlie!