Monday, January 30, 2012

color scheming: mint to be

In 2011 we focused all of our blogging efforts on real events, new additions to our inventory and recent features. And while we love sharing those things (and will continue to do so!) we were itching to share a bit of inspiration with you all as well! As our styling clients can tell you, we have no shortage of ideas when it comes to making events and photo shoots unique, personal and full of pretty! In fact, it's what keeps us up at night. (Design induced insomnia? Check!) So from now on we're not keeping this eye candy to ourselves! Inspiration behind upcoming weddings and events...ideas for how to incorporate our vintage rental collection into your next event...hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman because there's a whole lotta pretty coming your way!

First up? Well technically last Friday's post was the first. Whoops! In case you missed it last week, here is a look at the inspiration behind our upcoming February photo shoots. We are SO EXCITED for these two. Yes, the keep-us-up-at-night kind of excited!

And today we're sharing the first board in our new "color scheming" series, where we take color palettes and make rental suggestions to help you pull of the look! Are you ready for the sparkly minty goodness that we like to call "mint to be"?


 {  the look  1 .  2  .  3  .  4  .  5  .  6  .  7  .  8  .  9  .  10  }
{  our pieces  1 .  2  .  3  .  4  .  5  .  6  .  7  .  8  .  9  }

This color palette is one of our all time favorites. The mint and gold give your event a playful, whimsical feel while the cream adds a bit of refinement to the mix. Another great thing about this palette is that it works for every season! A couple getting married outdoors in July could use this color combo just as easily as a couple celebrating their big day in a modern art gallery mid-winter. And if you're a bride-to-be trying to find a color palette that you and your honey can agree upon - this should do the trick! It's feminine but it definitely doesn't scream girly.

So what do you think? Is this a color combo that you would consider for your big day? If so, you know where to find the perfect rental options to pull it off! 


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