Wednesday, November 16, 2011

new finds

What happens when you've stuffed the car full of new finds and there is no room for your gorgeous metal bottle drying rack - the last piece that you have to get in the car before you can be on your merry way? You put the giant spiky metal thing on your lap, of course! I'll admit, I realized it was a slightly hazardous object to have on my lap while in a moving vehicle but hey, what was I supposed to do? Leave it behind? Never!  I almost made it back unscathed but then I made the mistake of asking Paul to take a picture of me. I wanted to document the precarious situation I had put myself in all in the name of vintage rentals! Somehow me trying to give a thumbs up ended in my face colliding with a metal spike. Graceful, I know.

But it's okay because we scored some gorgeous new rentals! Totally worth the pain! Be sure to read the descriptions below each photo for suggestions for how to use the piece at your next event. We hope you love the new pretties as much as we do!

white chippy cabinet - place desserts, family portraits, or pre-ceremony
libations on top! great drawers + shelves inside as well!

flour sifters - would make a really fun alternative to a
frame. could also use to hang pictures or escort cards

bottle drying rack - hang escort cards, guest favor
baggies, ornaments at a holiday party! hello possibilities! 

mint green side table - this little guy loves to be
surrounded by lounge furniture

c'mon, how gorgeous is that hardware + chippy paint?

parisian produce crates - perfect coffee table height! 

metal chair...and it's surprisingly comfy!

back of chair - it's hard to see but there's green +
yellow paint peeking through!

Can you see one (or all!) of these at your next event? Holiday parties are right around the corner! What better excuse to rent some lovely one-of-a-kind pieces?



  1. you know i can't wait to use this stuff, right?

    PS that pic of you his adorable!