Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new finds + organizing our collection

This past weekend was amazing! We spent Saturday up in wine country making deliveries, meeting with clients and eating delicious food (Fremont Diner - you never disappoint!). It was so great to see our pieces in action and meet with vintage-loving couples!

After an incredibly long 18 hour day on Saturday it was really difficult to muster up the strength to wake up to our 7am alarm on Sunday morning. But the Alameda Antique Fair was awaiting so we pushed through the exhaustion (me very willingly, the fiance rather begrudgingly!) and headed across the bay for some good 'ol treasure hunting.

Here's what we took home with us:

getting ready to load the goodies! 
our new farm table from france
check our that pop of turquoise! 

And speaking of taking things home with us...fitting these new pieces in our storage unit was a fun challenge. We like to call it "Vintage Rentals Tetris" because it's all about moving things around and stacking to make them fit! Want to see the result of our mad stacking/organizing skills? Well here ya have it  - Vintage Rentals Tetris at it's finest:

these pieces are conveniently perfect for storage!
bottles galore! 

Now what you can't see is that under every single nook and cranny there is something being stored. Time to upgrade to a larger space! Now if only San Francisco warehouse prices were even remotely affordable...

A girl can dream!


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  1. Hi Amanda! What size is your unit and how quickly did you seem to outgrow it? I'm moving all of my stuff into a storage unit next week and plan to start with a 10x20 and am hoping that's enough room to start with. And I'm with you on the warehouse thing. Would love to have a warehouse to call my own ;)