Sunday, June 5, 2011

goodbye spring, hello summer!

Can you all believe that it's June? We are in utter disbelief. It seems like every time we look at the calendar another month has zoomed by. That's probably because every month has been crazy busy since launching in January but, trust me, we're NOT complaining! Busy is good. We like busy!

So what have we been up to all these months? Photo shoots, weddings, photography workshops, a bridal tour, treasure hunting - basically a whole lot of awesomeness. Here's a look back at some of the highlights of our first spring in the biz:

Here's our rad window display that we put together at The Collection Event Studio:

personal photo - excuse the blur/glare - iphone's can only do so much!

photos by collection members Ellie GroverLori Paladino & Rebecca Gosselin 

A fun little dessert table we put together for a shoot organized by Ashley Batz:

photos by ashley batz photography

And a little behind the scenes action:

photos by moi. 

We teamed up with Jacin from Lovely Little Details and Erin from Host-it Notes to create this fun orange and aqua baby shower for Kara Kull. The photos below are courtesy of the amazingly talented Gavin Farrington and if you want to see more you can check it out over at Pizazzarie!

photos by Gavin Farrington Photography

So there's a small peak into what we've been up to this spring! For all of you brides, grooms and fellow industry pros that we've worked with over the past few months, thank you so much for letting us take part in your events! We've adored getting to know you and bringing some vintage goodies into your lives!


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  1. So cute! i am really enjoying your blog and your creative ideas!