Sunday, May 15, 2011

sneak peek: walk through a wedding workshop

Hi all!

This past week some of our rentals were used in a photography workshop called "Walk Through A Wedding" hosted by Justin & Mary Photography and I'm so excited to show you a little sneak peak from the shoot! "Walk Through A Wedding" is just one part of Justin and Mary's Spread the Love Tour and for this leg of the tour they ended up in our super rad city by the bay! The Boxcars & Bugle Boys themed shoot took place at one of my favorite San Francisco spots, Bourbon & Branch. I've never seen a shoot done at B&B before so I was crazy excited when I heard that would be the location. Justin & Mary just posted a sneak peak from the shoot on their blogs so I couldn't help but share some pictures of our rentals in actions. I think they did a great job of styling them, don't you?

all photos courtesy of justin & mary photography

Pretty great, no? If you're interested in pricing or availability for any of the rentals used in this shoot be sure to send us an e-mail! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! 



  1. Beautiful photography. Beautiful styling. Beautiful props!